Chapter 1: The Voyage Land

Architecture Design Competition


"Tracing Heritage in Forming Cultural Identity"

The open conditions of the modern world bring together global and local cultural values, providing opportunities for the sustainable development of local cultures. However, instead of optimistic results, outside cultures often dominate and erode local values, leading to a loss of identity and identity crisis in these communities. It is crucial to realize that local culture is the essence of community life, and to preserve it requires awareness and a sense of belonging among local communities (Wardiningsih, 2015).

Identity crises have a direct impact on people's lives, diminishing traditional perspectives passed down through generations, and affecting social norms and aspects within cultural communities. The development of public spaces often ignores the importance of a region's identity, making matters worse. However, by embracing multicultural conditions and incorporating culturally diverse architecture in urban planning, public spaces can serve as a means to raise cultural awareness and strengthen a sense of identity. Through this approach, encounters, interactions, and understanding among individuals and groups of different cultures can flourish, promoting harmony, mutual understanding, and unity in our diverse society.

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