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5 Steps to Win Architecture Design Competition

Perhaps all of you are wondering, what should we do after we participate in the Architecture Design Competition? What’s the first step we need to take? No need to worry! Because right now, let’s thoroughly discuss the 5 steps you need to do to win the Architecture Design Competition! Yup, just 5 steps!

Understanding the Term of Reference

The Term of Reference is a guide that you shouldn’t forget. Do not let your eyes off the important parts of it, especially the background and the issue that was raised by the competition itself. Because, as an architect, we need to know the obvious reason why we need to design a building. That’s why we need to understand the issue before we get straight to the next step.

Looking for A Design Concept

As an architecture student, it is such a common word that we often hear in our school or college. A concept that often gets revised by our lecturer, is very important for the viability of an architect. Because without a concept, the design that we make wouldn’t be having a vivid direction. That’s why, we need to search and analyze a concept and its alternatives> that are suitable to overcome the issue that was raised by the competition itself.

Consultation is A Must

Wait, why is consultation the third step? Why not the last? Because before we take our next step to design, we need to deepen our concept first. Make sure the concept you raised must answer all of the questions that appear without hesitation. That’s why consultation is very important so we could get a lot of input to ripen our concept. You could consult with your friend, your senior, or even the lecturer that masters the concept that you raise.

Start to Design

After you are already confident with your concept, don’t forget to realize it as a design. Make sure the concept or the design you made is impressing the jury on the first sight. Because it is a competition, and you must always think “out of the box” so your design wouldn’t be the same as the other participants.


There’s a lot of finishing that you could do for your design, such as layouting, rendering, even post-production. Make sure the finishing you did is aligned with your concept and design so the people who see your design thoroughly know your concept right away. Don’t forget to add flavors that could impress the jury on the first sight with your out of the box thinking!

Don’t Forget the Time!

Wait, did I say five? Well yeah just five, because the sixth is just a reminder for all of you, don’t forget the time! Make sure to manage your time when you participate in architecture design competitions. Because we all know that an architecture student is a deadliner and trust me, you wouldn’t want it on this. If you participate as a team, don't forget to distribute your task, create the working timeline, or anything that make you comfortable. You don’t want all of your hard work to come to vain, do you?

Well, that’s it! I am very kind to give six steps for you so you could win the architecture design competition. Don’t forget to participate and apply these six steps on Architecture Design Competition Archidentify: "Tracing Heritage in Forming Cultural Identity!"