"Unveiling The Architectural Treasures"

Archevent is an annual event organized by Architecture Department of Universitas Sebelas Maret, where students, academics, and architectural practitioners gather to create innovation, exchange ideas, and also appreciate each other. Consisting of architectural design competition, seminar, and exhibition. Archevent has become a highly anticipated event among architecture students in Indonesia.



Virtual Exhibition

Live Exhibition



GATHI: Architect and Seminar

Seminar is going to be started and GATHI is ready to accompany us for the seminar ahead. Let's join the seminar and get more insights from the great speakers!

5 Steps to Win Architecture Design Competition

Perhaps all of you are wondering, what’s the first step we need to take to participate in the Architecture Design Competition?

How Architect Can Help Maintain The Local Culture

Architects play a crucial role in preserving local culture by integrating traditional design into modern structures.

GATHI: The Voyage Land

Architecture Design Competition has been started and GATHI is ready to accompany us for the voyage ahead. Come and witness everything that awaits us in this adventure!

Javanese Traditional Settlement: Lawang Pethuk

Kampung Wisata Purbayan is located in the Purbayan Village, Kotagede District, Yogyakarta.

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