Archevent 2023


In an increasingly open era, the interaction between global values and local cultural values in fact has a negative impact on the local culture itself, leading to the degradation of local culture. This phenomenon results in the loss of cultural identity and the crisis of character within the local culture, which will ultimately affect its fate.


Contextual Architecture

Contextual Architecture is an architectural approach that considers and connects the environment and contextual setting in which a building will be constructed. This connection can be formed by reviving the specific essence present in the environment (old buildings) and incorporating it into the subsequent new construction (Brolin, 1980). Based on the concept of Contextual Architecture, architecture has a relationship with the surrounding environment, encompassing three aspects: activity, environment, and visual elements. This approach prioritizes the interests and specific characteristics of a location in the design of a building.


Intersection of Culture and Architecture

The fading of local culture, which has led to a phenomenon of losing cultural identity, has a negative impact on the continuity of the existing local culture. Architecture is one of the parts bound to an important component in the continuity of a culture that exists in the community. The existing cultural diversity is a manifestation of the uniqueness and identity of the community, which must be supported by the existence of architecture that is able to bridge the identity of culture and can be implemented in the form of a space. Through a series of events that will be brought to Archevent 2023, it is hoped that it can become a space to be able to preserve and display the beauty of culture through architecture where Contextual Architecture acts as a concept to be able to create a connection between an architectural work and the culture that grows in the local community.